Diabetes mellitus is a condition where the sugar (glucose) levels in your blood are high. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, normally regulates blood glucose levels by helping glucose enter cells. But in diabetes, either the pancreas does not produce enough insulin (Type 1) or the body does not respond well to insulin (Type 2). This leads to elevated blood glucose levels, causing symptoms such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, increased hunger and slow healing cuts, amongst others.

At Sanctuary Wellness, our homeopathic treatment for diabetes focuses not just on managing your symptoms but also considers your overall health, including your mental and emotional wellness. Our treatment aims not only to control blood sugar levels but also address the underlying causes of diabetes. Since the treatment is holistic and individualised, I place a lot of importance on enquiring about each patient’s unique symptoms and how their experience of diabetes is For example, most patients will experience excessive thirst. However, one patient may crave for ice-cold water whereas another patient may prefer warm drinks to quench this thirst. Some patients prefer drinking in sips while others gulp all the water down at one go- it is these subjective experiences that are crucial for me in my selection of the most appropriate remedy.

How does Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes work?

During the case-taking process, I will also determine if there are any causative factors which triggered the onset of diabetes. For example, grief due to the loss of a loved one could be a cause in some patients whilst for others, it could be the stress from financial loss that created this imbalance.

If the patient has already started allopathic treatment and has been prescribed drugs such as Metformin, it is still possible to experience the benefits of homeopathy as the treatment approach takes into account the overall health of the patient, especially the emotions.The patients must still continue their conventional medication throughout the course of homeopathic treatment. I will tell them to work with their allopathic physician to taper the dosage once they start responding to homeopathic treatment.

Our goal is not only to treat diabetes but also to improve your overall sense of well-being, and reducing the risk of complications arising from this condition. Our homeopathic treatment for diabetes has shown to be safe and works on strengthening your constitution. If you would like to explore how homeopathy can help to manage your diabetes holistically, please feel free to give me a call at +65 80563282 for a free initial 15min chat.

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