Every now and again, I get enquiries from patients seeking homeopathy for weight loss. This issue has to be addressed very sensitively so as not to affect the individual’s self-esteem. There are many aspects to weight loss and I will address some of the considerations here.

The first is, of course, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet along with exercising. In today’s world, people are generally well-informed about leading an active lifestyle and are eating well in order to avoid health problems such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart disease. There is also more awareness about how irregular sleep patterns and insufficient sleep can upset the hormonal balance in our body, which in turn, contributes to weight gain. But what can be done when in spite of eating well, exercising regularly and getting sufficient sleep, you are still not able to shed those excess pounds?

This is where some deeper questioning is required. Is the patient under any long-term medication such as steroids or any prescription drugs? Are there any thyroid or other hormonal imbalances? Patients with hormonal problems such as hypothyroidism, will tend to put on weight. Hence, I usually request for a full blood test report to check for such imbalances. Another important consideration is stress. Is the patient going through any mental-emotional problems? Some patients who are feeling depressed may find comfort in food and the weight gain could be the result of that.

How does Homeopathy for Weight Loss work?

After looking into all these different factors, the goal of homeopathy for weight loss is to help the patient regain their balance again. My approach is always to take a full case, where I enquire about all the physical ailments as well as the mental and emotional symptoms the patient is presenting. I will prescribe a remedy that best matches the totality of all the patient’s symptoms. The homeopathic approach does not just look at weight gain as an isolated or single ailment that needs to be addressed. For example, if a patient has migraine problems along with sleep issues and is gaining weight in spite of regular exercise, I will take into consideration all the health problems as well as the person’s likes and dislikes, and prescribe a single remedy that addresses the totality. As the patient progresses with the homeopathy for weight loss treatment, the migraines should become less frequent and the sleep cycle more regular. This will give me an indication that the patient’s constitution is becoming stronger. I have seen that once the body is more balanced, the patient’s metabolism will also correct and they will start responding to exercise and diet. If the person is under any medication such as for thyroid or any other prescription drugs, I will tell them to work with their allopathic physician to taper the dosage once they start responding to homeopathic treatment. This is just one example of how I approach weight loss with homeopathy.

All individuals are unique with different constitutions, genetic predispositions and lifestyles. Hence, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for homeopathy and weight loss. The most important step is to first find out the root cause that is contributing to weight gain. If this article resonates with you, please feel free to give me a call at +65 80563282 for a free initial 15min chat.

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