Online Homeopathy Treatments

Sanctuary Wellness offers online homeopathy treatments. You can now get an expert classical online homeopathy consultation from the comfort of your own home in Singapore or worldwide. With online homeopathy consultations, there are no long queues and waiting times. Just book a convenient appointment slot to get started. Address your health concerns and begin your healing journey today.

To book your online homeopathy consultation with Sanctuary Wellness Homeopathy, select a suitable time slot by Clicking here

If this is your first online homeopathy consultation please set aside 1.5hr. Once I receive your appointment request, I will contact you to find out a little bit more about yourself and what has brought you to online homeopathy treatment.

Follow-up homeopathy consultations usually take up to 1hr.

Please bring along any medical test reports that you have to your appointment.

For any other queries or to know more, drop me a message on Whatsapp.

Initial consultation


please set aside up to 1.5hr



Urgent phone consultation


Post-6pm, Sundays and public holidays (approx 20min)

Cost of remedies: $5-$10

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